Xero: Focus On Your Business
Not Your Books

Xero pronounced "zero" is a cloud based accounting platform. There is no desktop version so you don't have to deal with backups or buying and installing new software every few years. Everyone always has the same version which makes it great for collaboration. It's a simple monthly subscription model like most technology plays. 


Companies have a variety of stakeholders from owners and investors to lenders and advisors all of which can access financials with no additional charge. Employees can be set up with different levels of access depending on their role. It's like an access control dashboard. This one feature alone transforms the old model paper intensive, email attachment exchange of information between advisor and client. In addition, accounting professional no longer have to ask you for financials because they can login and the get the information they need when they need it. 


The value of Xero's capability is extended with seamless connections to over 500 business apps. Bill.com for example can be connected for A/P and A/R management. Tsheets and Expensify for timekeeping and reimbursement management respectively are a few other connectable apps. We now expect all of our apps to work together so you are not without choices when it comes to Xero. Multiple apps can be woven together to solve the disparate systems issue, an ongoing challenge especially for small and medium sized businesses. 

Feeds and Importing

Bank account and credit card transactions can automatically be imported by setting up bank feeds. Its a great time saving feature matching deposits to invoices, payments to rules and simple one click entry for bank items with no match in Xero. If an account doesn’t link with Xero or if you have raw transactions in a CSV file format, the easy CSV upload bottom makes importing a breeze. There are numerous reasons why your company will need to import data at some point and since almost every platform allows transaction downloads in CSV format you don’t need any extra skills or tools to get the data into Xero other than a little formatting. 

Other Benefits

Businesses using bitcoin and cryptocurrency have to export data from special tax software into Xero to capture all the transactions from a balance sheet and profit & loss perspective. The CSV import feature makes this possible since cryptocurrencies can't be set up bank feed style for the time being. Versatility is the key and Xero has it in many different areas. The knowledge base and community forum are a great place to get your questions answered and research new ways to solve your information needs. 

Start Now

Peace of mind is the goal because business owners just don't want to deal with admin stuff. Whether you want to do it yourself, do it together or have us do it for you, start making your accounting life easier by taking Xero for a test drive. Never underestimate the power of virtual bookkeeping services with The Ultimate Paperless Back Office™ by invizibiz.biz. May good luck and peace of mind be with you.