The Story

Kirk Phillips is an entrepreneur, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a self-taught woodworker therefore an artist of sorts in all areas of life. He brings the same attention to detail necessary for creating finely crafted furniturre into the business world. He is fanatical about technology, business processes, fraud prevention, time management, learning and peace of mind. He wanted to recommend outsourced accounting services to clients who would benefit from this new model, but after 2 years of research it seemed like everything he found had a critical component missing. This insprired him to create, Back Office Business Freedom, combined with his former frustrations of wasting time dealing with paper and general back office wheel spinning. 

His first business venture, a woodworking business, got its start when he won the most prestigious award for business & entrepreneurial excellence from The Franklin P. Perdue School of Business. He has spent 15 years in public accounting and private industry, working for companies such as McGladrey & Pullen, one of the top five public accounting firms

Continuing the Journey 

Kirk published his first business book, The Ultimate Bitcoin Business Guide: For Entrepreneurs & Business Advisors, in 2015 to inspire and lead entreprenuers into this new 21st century business techcnology. The of today will look nothing like the invizibiz of the next 20 years with the advent of cryptocurreny. 

Kirk's journey includes authoring several articles about Bitcoin, becoming DCC Certified with the Digital Currency Council, earning the Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) designation issued by C4, the Crypto Currency Certification Consortium and a Certifiate of Completion from the University of Nicosia, Introduction to Digitial Currencies MOOC Course. His passion for continous learning and development is also evident in additional designations he holds as Certified Management Accountant, CMA Certified Fraud Examiner, CFE and a Charted Global Management Accountant, CGMA.

He weaves risk management into business process outsourcing, crypto business consulting and education. You can contact Kirk on twitter @invizi_biz